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for devastating diseases including intractable cancers, lymphatic and GI diseases, CNS disorders and inflammatory and immunological diseases

Focus on the Brain Immune Gut (BIG) Axis

24 products and product candidates

13 are clinical stage

2 granted FDA clearance

Relationships with multiple major pharma companies or their investment arms

Team of world-class scientists and industry leaders

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Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Lymphatic flow disorders, incl. lymphedema
Readout from Phase 1b MAD study & initiation of POC study in 2020
Serious respiratory complications after COVID-19
Initiation of Phase 2 study in Q3 2020
Other fibrotic & inflammatory disorders, such as IPF
Anti-Galectin-9 MAb
Solid tumors
IND and initiation of Phase 1 study in 2020
Anti-Delta-1 MAb
Solid tumors
Oral Allopregnanolone
Neurological indications

Cash at Puretech Parent Level

Founded Entities

1. Funding figure includes private equity financings, public offerings or grant awards. Funding figure excludes upfront payments and future milestone considerations received in conjunction with partnerships and collaborations such as those with Roche, Boehringer Ingelheim, Imbrium Therapeutics L.P., Shionogi & Co., Ltd. or Eli Lilly.

2. PureTech Level Pro-Forma Cash Reserves is an alternative performance measure (APM) which includes the PureTech Level Cash Reserves of $310.5 million at June 30, 2020 and the $101.6 million in proceeds from the August 26, 2020 sale of 1.3 million Karuna common shares.

3. PureTech Level Cash Reserves at June 30, 2020 represent cash balances and short-term investments held at PureTech Health LLC, PureTech Management, Inc., PureTech Health PLC, PureTech Securities Corporation of $284.2 million and held at PureTech LYT Inc., our internal pipeline, of $26.3 million, all of which are wholly owned entities of PureTech, excluding cash balances and short-term investments of Controlled Founded Entities which are not wholly owned.

Internal Pipeline
PureTech's Lymphatic Leap
Gamma Delta T Cells Support Pancreatic Oncogenesis by Restraining αβ T Cell Activation

CD4(+) T regulatory cells (T(regs)), which express the Foxp3 transcription factor, play a critical role in the maintenance of immune homeostasis. Here, we show that in mice, T(regs) were most abundant in the colonic mucosa.

Full Article

Science: The Gut’s Clostridium Cocktail
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PureTech Founded Entity Alivio Therapeutics Appoints Harry Leider, MD, to Board of Directors


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PureTech Plans U.S. Listing on Nasdaq Global Market


Press releases
PureTech Founded Entity Vedanta Biosciences Announces the Appointment of Jeffrey Silber, MD, as Chief Medical Officer